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Active citizenship

Social innovation processes are more efficient and sustainable if those are based on active participation of people, as their experiences may foster a global change and a better quality of life.

From this point of view, C.d.I.E. promotes several projects in the following areas: culture, media and information, participatory planning, urban regeneration, innovative services, consumer awareness, sustainable mobility, e-governance.


Our main projects


Project “Comunità e affido familiare. Promuovere la partecipazione delle famiglie e delle comunità nell’affido familiare” (Community and fostering. Promoting the participation of families and communities in fostering) 2014-2017

The project was co-funded on July 2014 by the Programme “promote and support networks for fostering” of Cariplo Foundation.  C.d.I.E. contributed to the project’s design and performs technical support for the partner La Casa davanti al sole. The other project partners are: Municipality of Gallarate (Applicant) and Naturart.


Province of Milan 2009-2013

Technical support for the Province of Milan within the project "PublicBridges: Verso una comunità coesa, aperta e consapevole” (PublicBridges: towards a cohesive, open and conscious community)". The project, co-funded by Cariplo Foundation, aimed to promote the social cohesion into the local communities living in the North of Milan.


Province of Lodi 2008-2013

Technical support aimed to the preparation of calls and the monitoring of the "Provincial Plan for disabled people 2007-2013"  funded by the regional law Ex L.R. n.13/2003.


Project “ECL - European Caravan for legality” 2010-2011

The project was co-funded by the “Prevention of and Fight against Crime” Programme of the European Union


C.d.I.E. took part in the project as partner with the tasks to realize activities of information, awareness and fight against mafia. C.d.I.E. also contributed to the design and realization of the research “Survey on the issues of illegality of the ECL partner countries: Italy, France, Malta, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia”.

Applicant: Arci Nazionale (IT)

Partners: Centro di Iniziativa Europea (IT), Cdie Bulgaria (BG), Festival Transméditerranée (FR), Inizjamed (MT), Saveria Antiochia Omicron (IT)

Associated Partners: Avviso Pubblico (IT), Foundation for Youth Culture and Arts (RS), Quendra e Gruas Kristal Berat (AL), OKC Abrasevic (BiH), ODISEJ Bratunac (BiH), Organized Crime Observatory (CH), Radovi u Toku Novi Sad (RS), Studentski Kulturni Centar Novi Sad (RS), Woman Centre “Kristal” Berat (AL)