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Equal opportunities

C.d.I.E. competences are also related to projects focused on human resources enhancing by means of action planning for improving local training systems, vocational guide, match supply and demand in synergy with social policies and local welfare systems.

Specifically actions are focused on promoting active ageing, valorization of immigrants, certification of competences, gender balance and anti discriminatory actions; as well as improving the institutional communication to became social coherent. Finally, C.d.I.E. is engaged in the promotion of corporate social responsibility and gender certification.


Our main projects 


Municipality of Napoli  Youth Services and Equal Opportunities “Una rete per le donne e un osservatorio di Pari Opportunità” (A network for women and an observatory for Equal Opportunities)

July 2013 – September 2014

Technical support for the Municipality of Napoli aimed to develop a network of services in ten areas of the Municipality of Napoli as well as to support and enhance women’s employment.

C.d.I.E. is responsible for defining the identity of the service and the relationship with companies.



Province of Cremona 2012-2014

Technical support aimed to design the Local Help Desk for conciliation, train the operators and support the territorial network.



Emilia Romagna Region 2014

Laboratory for the development of the language of equal opportunities and gender-sensitive in Emilia Romagna

Technical support aimed to define and elaborate guidelines to foster the institutional communication from a gender perspective.



Asl Monza e Brianza 2012-2013

Technical support to the project “Conciliation” co-funded by Lombardy Region and coordinated by Asl Monza e Brianza. In collaboration with Associazione per la famiglia, C.d.I.E. supported the relationships with companies and the activities of communication and research.



Project “Mi Comunico – Comunicazione di genere nella provincia di Milano” (Mi Comunico – gender communication in the province of Milan) 2010


The project, co-funded by Lombardy Region, aimed to strengthen the role of communication made by the public institutions of the province of Milan as a tool able to promote equal opportunities and to reduce the risks of the direct and/or indirect circulation of discriminatory messages.

Project partners: Province of Milan, Lega delle Autonomie Locali della Lombardia, Municipality of Novate Milanese, C.d.I.E..



Association Fiorella Ghilardotti and Province of Milan 2009

Support to the coordination and realization of the project “Expo 2015 – Women feed the world”, a research about women presence in the agro-food chain of the Province of Milan and about the possibilities of development of the women-own companies in such a sector.



Prime Minister's Office - Committee on Rights and Equal opportunities 2009

Realization of “Analysis of best practices and elaboration of guidelines for institutional communication in terms of gender” in execution of the regional law 7/2007 of Apulia Region - PON GAT FESR, Ob. Operativo II.4.